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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Chair of African Legal Studies – Prof. Dr. Thoko Kaime

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Date News
14.09.2020 Part 3! Using the law as a tool to enhance social justice. By Hon. Yvonne Dausab, MP
29.08.2020 Kleines Seminar WS 2020/21
26.08.2020 Part 2! Join us for Justice Professor Redson Kapindu’s presentation and an exciting discussion.
26.08.2020 Announcement Winter Semester 2020/21
03.08.2020 Studentische Hilfskräfte gesucht
29.07.2020 Everyone´s human rights
23.07.2020 English Legal Curriculum WS 2020/21
15.07.2020 Insight into the operations of the TGCL
10.07.2020 Studentische Hilfskraft: IT-Expert*in ab Oktober gesucht
06.07.2020 Prof Thoko Kaime introduces himself in UBT aktuell
19.06.2020 We are now on Facebook and Instagram!
15.06.2020 “The search for coherence in Africa’s plural legal systems”
28.03.2020 Announcement Summer Semester 2020

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