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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Chair of African Legal Studies – Prof. Dr. Thoko Kaime

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The Chair for African Legal Studies is involved in a number of projects dealing with human rights issues, climate justice, and environmental law. The core of this work centres on grounded research into the legitimating potential of normative forms and, in particular, the analysis of correlations within human rights frameworks and/or sustainability governance regimes. The key objective of this work is the creation of participatory and therefore more durable solutions to urgent legal problems.    Current research priorities include investigations on opportunities to shape progressive action and accountability frameworks in and through international law. If you are interested in learning more about our research, feel free to check out the upcoming events for participation.

Young Plastics

Looking anywhere, seeing it everywhere, waste has become a "natural" part of our everyday life that we often do not even realize it is there. A common disregard for the omnipresence of waste unites us. The "Building collective ownership of single-use plastics waste in youth communities: case sudies from Kenya, Jamaica and Malawi" (Young Plastics) project under the Global Challenges Research Fund aims at identifying tools for collective awareness and motivate actions, policy recommendations and guidelines to reduce single-use plastic (SUP). 

Intractable Human Rights Issues

The distinctive focus in this project is delving into the critical questions of why despite decades of resourcing and the establishment of extensive legal frameworks across Africa, some human rights violations persist with little or no change. The project focuses three specific issues, namely child labour, human trafficking, and LGBTIQ rights.

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