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Chair of African Legal Studies – Prof. Dr. Thoko Kaime

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PhD Club

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PhD Club

Under the umbrella of the chair of African Legal Studies young scholars pursuing their dissertation on legal studies with a special focus on the African continent have initiated a PhD club. As a forum for professional and personal exchange the platform offers a unique opportunity for mutual support and cooperation as well as external feedback and evaluation. During their regular joint meetings the members present their research progress, advise on upcoming challenges, recommend ways forward, and discuss relevant literature. Furthermore, the group invites external scholars for thematic workshops on research methods, writing skills, and time management.

Through its mix of formal and informal gatherings the PhD club allows to learn and connect with colleagues and to profit from the knowledge and experiences of mentors and supervisors. Through the diversity of members rigid perspectives are challenged, new approaches are pursued and finally innovative results are acquired.

In all activities the club is flexible and continuously orientated on the individuals‘ needs and interests. The already involved PhD students always welcome new input and ideas. You are interested to join and exchange with fellow researchers? Please contact africanlegalstudies@uni-bayreuth.de

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